Dorpers were created in South Africa in 1942 and were developed by crossing a Dorset Horn Ram with a Persian Black Headed Ewe. A breed standard and society was set up in 1950. A fast-growing, meat-producing, easy-care animal that has been bred to survive in arid conditions. Their coat is a mixture of hair and wool that is shed every spring/summer. They never require crutching, have a naturally higher worm resistance than most other sheep and there are very low incidences of flystrike. The ewes are polyoestrus so can lamb at any time of the year and the lambs are easily born, very lively and intelligent. Dorpers have skin that is twice as thick as all other sheep breeds which makes them very hardy and suitable for all climates. It is highly prized and is the most sought after sheepskin in the world. A fantastic breed for fat lamb production with the rams being very well suited to use on most breeds of ewe lambs or shearlings as the offspring inherit the dorpers finer bone structure and intelligence.

We produce sheep of both show and commercial quality and usually have Rams and Ewes of various ages available.